Working for yourself can be the long lost boost you have been looking. Being self employed has been a way of life for for me for the past 20 years and I am proud to be part of a massive team of people who retail some of the most innovative and practical products that help people in their everyday life and also bring a sense of design and quality to any home.

As part of a British company trading for over 90 years, we believe in offering inspiring, high quality products via our home shopping network – be that working locally with catalogues or across the UK with our online service.

Watch the presentation below to see how you could totally change to your life in 2017…

An Independent You

Taking control of your income is an amazing feeling, whether you are supplementing an existing part-time or full time job, looking to keep you busy while the kids are in school during the day or even something to do on social media – the choice is actually yours.

Maybe you just want to increase your weekly income by £50, earn that little extra to fund a holiday or if you really want to earn a decent full time income – its entirely up to you.



Having been self-employed for the past 11 years, I have always had the benefit of working around my personal and social life. This has worked extremely well for a long time and has given me a sense of purpose. However, like all good things work started to decline in recent years and the struggle to compete became a chore and I was no longer enjoying being self-employed.

In 2016 looking frantically to supplement my income so that I could still provide for my son. I applied for everything, telesales, tech support, driving; none of which didn’t allow me the freedom to be at home when my son needed me.

One morning I got a call from someone asking if I was still interested in the catalogue distribution position that I has applied for? I had forgotten I had even applied but was pleased some opportunity had come my way.

I didnt know it at the time but the person who had called me was soon to become my Success Coach.

So the question I was to ask myself at the time was…did I want to add an extra income to give me more freedom to be a mum and to not have any of the negatives that come from working for someone else…

“The answer was – yes i did and the decision I made was life-changing.”


If you would like more information or would like to join me in 2017 then please feel free to complete the form below and i will contact you to arrange a chat.

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Email me Pen at information@workforyourself2017.co.uk